Carol has been an invaluable help to me. I am so thankful for all the counseling and support I have received from her. She is wonderful.

- Marianne

It was important for me to "connect" with any potential therapist not only on a personal level, but on a faith-based level as well. From the first, I knew the "fit" with Carol at the Living Water Counseling was exactly what I prayed for. My sessions combine solid Christian guidance and proven cognitive behavioral therapy tools delivered in a caring, supportive environment. I recommend Living Waters highly.

- Beth

Going to a counselor that does not share my faith life was empty for me. When you go to someone who understands what it is like to struggle with faith issues and enabling. Helping me see for myself the difference. Thank you.

- Pat

It is so easy to write a recommendation for Patricia King. She is the ultimate professional - kind, gentle and a fabulous listener. Patricia is one of the best therapists that I have ever had. She has changed my life forever. She has made me happy to be ME.

- RR

Patricia is the only therapist that I have been able to relate to. She has made me realize that it is ok to be wrong and has given me ways to handle certain situations.
If it were not for Patricia, I don't think my marriage would be as great as it is. When problems arise in my life, she is able to make me realize that things are not as bad as they seem.

- SR

My sessions with Robert are very productive. In the short time I have been coming to Living Waters, I have begun to understand that where I am today, for better or for worse, is the result of a cumulative process spanning generations. I am sure I have been exposed to that concept before but from an intellectual and objective perspective. Robert has helped me apply this concept to my own personal life.
Before, I always blamed myself first when something went wrong in my relationships. I believed others when they blamed me for their bad outcomes. I was always doubting myself. Robert has helped me see why I follow this pattern of thinking and feeling. It is because I have never been affirmed or supported by the ones I seek most to please. This was such a succinct statement but it cleared up seventy years of doubt and confusion for me. It was very liberating. Robert is a skilled therapist with an astute perception of the family dynamic.

- Janet

I have had many a therapist in my life, but I have never felt as “heard, loved, and safe” as I do with Robert. He takes the time each week to listen to me, and share some of his insights with me. His knowledge of addictions and recovery is of such a great value to me. I feel I have grown so much In the last few years and that growth is all because of the work I do with Robert. I have learned so many new techniques to work through issues and situations in my life. I love how we end each session with prayer. I leave his office feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on life and all it’s blessings and Challenges. I am so grateful to have Robert and Living Waters in my life. I have recommend your Center to so many of my friends and family.

- Kelly

Robert Clock is an extremely sympathetic, empathetic and concerned person and I feel happy and privileged to have him as a counselor and to listen to my problems. No matter what the urgency of my problems may appear to me, he has a way of putting them in perspective, non-judgmentally. I have found my sessions with him to be extremely productive and I would recommend him to anyone who would like good counseling.

- Joe

Having dealt with Robert for some time now, I have to say that he is by far the best therapist mywife and I have had. He has gotten us thru some ruff time by showing us a different way to handle our problems and a different way to communicate. We are a much happier couple because of him.

- David & Patty

Both my husband and I found our therapist Janice very caring and faith filled. She is a good listener.

- Janet

I was recommended to Living Waters by my doctor...Robert is my therapist...and he is my gift to me. He is loving, caring, a great listener and a wonderful advisor...I am fortunate to know him.

- Barbara

Carol has been helping me for the past 5 years. We have agreed on Faith-based therapy which has helped to increase my faith and decrease my anxiety and fear. I thank God for Carol everyday!

- Dany

An oasis in the desert of our lives, Living Waters continues the mission of Jesus Christ by healing our wounds. The therapeutic staff, based in our rich Catholic tradition, gently restores our sense of self-worth and frees us to be who God has called us to be.

- Fr. Brian Brinker

Living Waters is more than a counseling center; as good as they are in restoring calmness in the midst of a world that can seem like a sea of noise, it is better characterized as a specialized ministry, bringing God’s children into a five fold shalom. Peace with Him, our world, our neighbors, our loved one and ourselves. I recommend its services to everyone.

- Fr. Dennis A. Suglia