Intercessors for Living Waters Counseling Center

Pray Daily for ALL Involved at Living Waters

Antoinette Mintz
Antoinette is one of the prayer warriors at Living Waters. She well knows and trusts in the power and blessings of prayer. She has also uses her gift of voice in a band called Revelations, which when invited, sing at Masses in St. Brigid in Westbury, NY. She has a gift of interceding for others and believes in God’s love and mercy to all.

Marge Nyland RN, BSN
Marge attributes her fulfillment in her nursing career to her Baptism in the Holy Spirit. Marge’s membership in The Association of Christian Therapists (ACT) has taught her to care for the wholeness and holiness of her patient’s mind, body, and spirit. Marge uses her devotion to prayer to intercede for others at Living Waters.

Fran Pangal
Fran Pangal has had many years experience working in both the administrative as well as the office part of many corporations. Fran uses this wealth of knowledge at Living Waters with her great faith and spirituality.

Loraine Turan
Loraine is devout Catholic who lives out her faith through example. Loraine is the founder of Wellness=Freedom group. The focus of the group is to grow in the virtues of patience, self-control and honesty to reflect our true selves.

Danielle Martines, PhD
Danielle Martines PhD is Associate Professor of Psychology who practices faith based therapy. Through this perspective she has been personally blessed with healings through the power of prayers. God is great. God is great all the time!