About Us

Living Waters Counseling Center is dedicated to the healing of the whole individual. Wholeness is in the four quadrants of our being human: the intellectual (cognitive behavioral therapy, insight oriented, goal oriented) ; the emotional (EMDR, inner child work, theophostics); the body (somaticization); and the spirit (prayer). Physical development begins in utero and declines as a person ages. Emotional development begins at 6 months and it sets the background for how a person deals in relationships. Intellectual development, the use of reason, typically begins at 6 years old and continues throughout one's life. The purpose of the intellect is for survival and the use of good judgment. Spiritual development becomes more prominent in adolescence. The inability to develop this quadrant leads to lack of fulfillment, confusion and emptiness. The development of it leads to true wisdom and a sense of peace. In the therapeutic community, more and more counselors recognize that purely using the scientific and clinical approach without the spiritual has a poor outcome. At Living Waters, the therapist uses their clinical skills but also includes a strong spiritual component, much like the 12 Step Programs. No lasting or deep healing can occur without a combination of all four quadrants.