Frequently Asked Questions

What is so different about Living Waters?

The staff uses their acquired professional skills and also utilizes prayer for and with the client.

What if the client does not want prayer?

The staff honors each client’s request and works in the conventional manner.

Why is there a fee for a healing ministry counseling center?

Living Waters is not subsidized by any charitable or religious organizations. Nor are we part of any larger agency or governmental entity. The fee is intended to provide a living wage for the staff and to cover operating expenses.

What is the religious orientation of the center?

Living Waters is Roman Catholic. We are grounded in the Catholic faith and tradition but embrace all God’s people in the ministry.

What about Health Insurance?

Insurance claims are submitted by Living Waters Center. We participate in many insurance networks and will be glad to work with you in this area. In addition some insurance plans include our services as out of network providers.

What is the fee scale?

Fees are based upon the services provided.

What is the frequency and duration of treatment?

One time per week is the usual frequency. The duration of the session is 50 – 60 minutes. Each case is individually assessed to determine frequency and duration.

What is the usual procedure for new clients?

Each client is asked to meet with the Executive Director, Carol Rubano for an intake and assessment. After some discernment, usually within the first week, a therapist is assigned to the client. The therapeutic process begins the next week when the client meets with the assigned therapist.

What if the client is uncomfortable with the assigned therapist?

The client is asked to call the Executive Director and to speak to her about the situation. If the client believes that he/she would do better with someone else, a change is initiated.